VIDEO : revolutionary prototype of a harvesting of seaweed Sargassum barge

With its radically innovative concept of invasive algae harvesting barge, the company AlgeaNova redefines the issue of collection of the Sargasso and brings a unique and different answer.


The Department research and development of society AlgeaNova has brought together within the holding HoldiNova European specialists selected from among the best to develop and design its barge of the Sargasso gathering. The result of this collaboration, is an exceptional factory ship, which capacities allow for an industrial operation. The barge AlgeaNova is a unique concept, resolutely innovative and unmistakable with already existing systems. This barge has the ability to intervene as well in deep water than in very shallow lagoons. The rate of harvest of living algae in the sea allows to maintain its properties and turn it into a valued product.

It is also appropriate and indispensable tool, that upstream of the harvesting operation, allows the installation of floating booms to contain the spread of the algae and prevent their beached on the shore.


The characteristics of the barge AlgeaNova have been optimised to the maximum, in order to obtain a powerful ship in terms of work surface, harvest and automation tools. The timeliness of the different sequences of collection is part of the major issues.

For the barge’s 12 m long by 6 m wide made of aluminium weight compared to a traditional steel construction reduces the draught, and fuel consumption improvement of its performances to the motor. All systems operating and the RADs are connected to a powerful hydraulic. This energy choice optimizes the kilo of algae collected/Kw required ratio. Technology applied to each level and each detail allows a direct and regular production flow while preserving and guaranteeing the quality of the alga.


The seaweed industry presents a diverse production, with a total annual value 5,5 $ billion.

While environmental issues are now at the heart of the concerns. The collection of algae before their stranding on beaches is an ecological and economic necessity. Treatment of fresh algae allowing recoverability also represents a new and interesting economic proposal regarding the improvement of the standard of living of the local population.


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