Sargasso : dams anti-algae Projinova

ProjiNova is a registered trademark of FiletNova, distributed in the Caribbean by AlgeaNova.

• Since most of 15 years, the company ProjiNova as main objective to evolve regularly and to adapt its expertise and experience to the constraints on the occasion of each new projects.
• Thanks to its rich experience and qualified staff, the ProjiNova company adapts its means and its objectives according to each customer, from initial design to project management. Department search, composed of engineers and specialists in marine systems dedicate his knowledge do to the total success of the projects.


ProjiNova is a specialist in the industry of algae and marine devices for many years :

• from 2012 to 2015 ProjiNova is actor of the European programme AT ~ SeaTechnologies – www.atsea-project.EU based on the culture of algae. Development of the project is performed in partnership with 3 universities : Ireland, Belgium and Scotland. Experimental fields have been implemented in Norway. The main objective of this company is to commercialize algae turnkey farms. Algae are an important source for our future supply of food and feed (additives), biochemicals and biomaterials, bioenergy. Since 5 years more than 40 people have been involved in the search for the anchoring of marine structures, algae culture and principles of crop.
• In collaboration with our partner Italian Retificio Ribola,, We have designed and developed a Dam anti-meduse. This patented system was developed to protect the beaches. He was unanimously recognized as the most efficient system and used by the most beautiful beaches of the European Riviera.
• in 2015, ProjiNova conducted many trials private dams of algae to prevent the invasion of Sargasso in the Punta Cana region. The result has been efficient and reliable.

For all these reasons AlgeaNova, ProjiNova flliale, is now able to offer a complete offer to hold the Sargasso, collect and manage its reprocessing.

AlgeaNova can offer a unique and comprehensive service:

• Supply and install floating dams to prevent the invasion of Sargasso
• Maintain regular dams.
• Collect and reprocess the Sargasso


Dam anti algae

Different types of manufacturing are available depending on the strength of the currents and the installation of the dam site.

Weak currents :

• Elements of 18 m, with anchor every 18 m

• 6 m with possibility of anchoring elements

Strong currents :

• Elements of 18 m, with anchor every 6 m

• 6 m with possibility of anchoring elements

Very strong currents :

• Elements of 18 m, anchor in all the 3 m

• 6 m with possibility of anchoring element

Our dams are designed with multi anchorages that can adapt to different types of sea.


Cloth outside envelope blue PVC, with inner Chamber Pure PVC 100% (polyurethane)

Length : 18m or 6 m, NET under float height : 1 meter

View of an item’s 6 m with net

Each delivered dam is accompanied by a Kit of repair and start-up


ProjiNova created and designs unique floating dams that can be used in the open sea to protect the coast against the arrival of Sargasso.

This device has many advantages :

• Inflatable floating structure with both ease of installation and maintenance by a small team
• Ease of removal in the case of Hurricane
• Device secured in the event of contact with swimmers or ships
• Quality of materials and comply with marine regulatory certification
• The environment respectful anchoring system


• AlgeaNova has unique equipment specific and effective to resolve the problem of invasion of the Sargasso. We use large barges for both the dams and the harvesting of the Sargasso.

• AlgeaNova offers a contract to install, collection and maintenance and can offer turnkey formulas respectful environmental constraints.

Barge maintenance and collection

Barge designed for collecting and packaging of the Sargasso


ProjiNova specialist in marine nets has many references and proven experience in the protection of the beaches :

• Against the invasion of jellyfish

• Anti-pollution dams

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