Dams anti-sargasses : the competition struggles to develop solutions, State of play

AlgaeNova has a proven system that respects the marine environment. Reliable method actually gives it the position of serious operator fight antifouling.

Design and installation of dams anti-sargasses recent attempts all ended in failure, they come from the private sector as in the public sector. In the area between Cap Cana and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic 12 different systems have been installed, so far, None of them resisted. Worse, the destruction of inadequate dams had irreversible consequences on the environment.

Beach dam installed in December… destroyed in January !

Immediate consequences :

Leakage of the blocks in the sea


Marine pollution potential of wildlife (ingestion of particles by turtles, sea birds, etc.)

Pollution of the beaches by the disintegration of the modules of the dams (foams, PVC, etc.)

Central issues :

• Future reprocessing of the waste generated by the destruction of dams

• Cost of repair (When the State of the dam allows)

• Cost in lost time

Technical conclusions :

• Assembly of the anchoring system error

• Results : PVC elements and the skirt float to the surface and allow the passage of the Sargasso

• The cost of the repairs reached 40 to 50 % the price per linear metre


Ineffective :

• Passage of Sargasso despite the dam

• Rupture of the modules due to the use of materials and cheap solutions

• Rigidity of mismatched parts to the force of the waves and the current

• Cost of installing high due to the weight of the structure, requiring 8 people for each length of 12 m

• In the case of hurricane no solution developed to put the dam out of water

Dangerous :

• If a vessel struck these obstacles, He may recover damages

• A swimmer may injure themselves in the event of big waves

Pollutant :

• Storage problem of rigid parts of the dam near coasts

• Negative impact on the natural environment

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